In 2004, Mercedes teamed up once more with McLaren and produced the infamous Mercedes McLaren SLR. The ‘hypercar’ produced 623 brake horsepower, but was mildly slammed by critics to be more of a GT-cruiser than a genuine sports car. The price of the car was approximately €600.000 and since then it depreciated heavily. The SLR is now for sale on occasion for approximately half that price, which is strange, for its rival back then, the Porsche Carrera GT, which was on sale for approximately the same price, only gained in value. That drop in value should be due to its driving-capabilities, because in looks, the Mercedes still is absolutely beautiful (although to be honest, the strangely placed plastic interior didn’t age well).

But Mercedes is not the one to give up on hypercars. Earlier this year they presented their vision for their Maybach brand with the futuristic thunderbirds car, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, and now they are at it again, but this time, with what seems to be a full focus on driving instead of cruising.

They call it the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar and Car Magazine has the numbers:

“The €2.5 million halo car is set to develop 1020bhp from its 1.6-litre F1-derived hybrid powertrain, with an approximate 20-mile all-electric range also promised.”

Yep, they pretty much made an F1 car for the road, and according to the video, Lewis Hamilton approves. The monster is set to be produced in 2019, but hurry up with your down payments lads, they’re only going to make 275 of them.