On 5 October, the Austrian newspaper Heute reported the story of a threat of rape near the village of Breitenfurt bei Wien. There, six men threatened to rape a woman, who was sunbathing topless, if she didn’t dress. She was there with a friend, photographer Thomas Busek, who has filmed the exchange and gave an interview to Heute.

The two had just made themselves comfortable on the bank of a small river near the village, when the six-men strong, bearded gang allegedly showed up out of nowhere. Their apparent spokesman started in a brusque fashion, telling Busek in broken German:

It’s not a nude beach here. This triggers me, she should dress.

Busek recalls:

The man talked to me, like my friend wasn’t there at all, or that she was my property.

When he asked the man why he didn’t just look away, the young man reacted violently:

I fuck you! Are you gay?

Even when the intimidated woman put on a bra, it wasn’t enough for the bearded man. According to Busek he warned that he would rape the 23-year-old woman with his five friends, if she didn’t dress completely. Because if she didn’t, she would be asking for it.

Initially, Busek and his friend didn’t take the situation completely seriously, but the situation took a noticeable turn for the worst towards the end. When the both of them wanted to leave the area, one of the ‘site watchmen’ tried to kick Busek from the rockface into the lake. Busek to Heute:

I could avoid it, but it was a darned close.

His first instinct was to forget all about his summer’s unfortunate escapade. But his anger prevailed and he made his video proof available on his Facebook site.