After the poor but kinda fresh attempt of Man of Steel, the bore that was Batman v Superman, and the embarrassment that is Justice League, we can conclude that the number one name in pop-culture, Batman, is on the path towards a slow death for this generation of DC fans. What were they thinking letting director Zack Snyder helm their (almost) complete DC Universe? Whatever it was, the projected losses of Justice League are between $50-$100 million, and in Hollywood, it’s the money that does the talking and thus we have a big chance that Snyder will not be directing any more movies for them.

So it has been rough years for Batman fans indeed, even the beloved Killing Joke comic was heavily criticised when DC brought it to the big screen. It really seems their mojo is completely lost.

But the Japanese seem to be coming to the rescue. Yes, it’s anime and they call it Batman Ninja. And just look at this trailer guys, and consider that apparently, we have been saying it wrong all along, because it’s pronounced “Batto-Manne.” And they have all the big guns coming in with Harley Quinn, Robin, Catwoman, Two-Face, and of course the best villain of all time, the Joker, who, by the way, looks absolutely stunning, although we must admit he looks a bit out of character with a samurai sword. But hey, fans will enjoy every joker as long as he isn’t portrayed by Jared Leto.

The trailer looks amazing, let’s hope the movie will too. Psyched!