Denis Villeneuve is perhaps one of the steadiest directors working in Hollywood at the moment. The French Canadian made masterpiece after masterpiece with Enemy, Prisoners, Sicario, and last year’s Arrival, amongst others. Now he worked himself into remake-territory with one of the most beloved sci-fi movies in history, 1982’s Blade Runner.

The sequel (and sort of reboot) will be called Blade Runners 2049 and after seeing the trailer we’re quite confident this will be a blast. Not because of the Ridley Scott mentioning, or the fact that Harrison Ford is returning as Rick Deckard. No, because the original writer Hampton Fancher is on board, because the music is done by Jóhann Jóhannsson, and especially because the film is shot by master cinematographer Roger Deakins. Both these guys worked on every Villeneuve movie so far and they delivered every time.

The film will premiere in October of this year, so for now, enjoy the second trailer!