Belgian newspaper Het Laatste News (The Latest News, HLN) reported on 21 September that a police officer from the Brussels precinct has been jailed. The suspect, Momo E.S., is said to be of “North African descent.

He has been detained and was being questioned for having sent information on a pending investigation into terrorism to the suspected parties. He did so by using WhatsApp. The Brussels Prosecutor’s Office and the Internal Affairs bureau of the police researched the movements of Momo E.S. for weeks. They are now convinced he informed those under investigation of an active terrorism-inquiry of its progress.

The man worked as a dispatcher with the police-zone Brussels-North and thus knew, amongst other things, when and where the police would raid buildings. It is unclear how long he has been in contact with the suspects. A Brussels magistrate had E.S. arrested at work on Monday. According to Ine van Wymersch, spokeswoman of the Brussels Courts:

The police officers is in jail for being suspected of violating his professional secrecy by passing on secret information.

VRT reports that E.S. has been in touch with Yassine Atar, a brother of the man seen as the mastermind behind the 22 March terror attacks in Brussel en Zaventem which killed 32 people and left 340 wounded:

“A solid source has informed us that the man had been in contact through Whatsapp with Yassine Atar, Oussama Atar’s brother who is seen as the presumed mastermind behind the 22 March attacks in Brussel and Zaventem. The brothers are also cousins of the El Bakroui brothers, who blew themselves up in Maalbeek and Zaventem”.

That conctact is supposed to have taken place before the attacks. Momo E.S. has also been charged with corruption.

After being interrogated, he was taken the Sint-Gillis prison. He will be made to face a court shortly. The court will decide on the continuation of his incarceration. Before starting work with the police, E.S. worked with the Brussels transport company STIB.