According to the Daily Mail:

“Simon Smith, 53, was crossing the road in Reading when an apparently out-of control bus came veering round the corner and struck him in the back.

CCTV footage shows the number 17 bus smashing into a shop front seconds later, sending debris flying across Gun Street in the Berkshire town on Saturday morning. (…)

It’s not yet known what caused the bus to collide with Mr Smith. Staff from Reading Buses and a Reading Borough Council were also called to the scene. (…)

He told BBC South Today he was ‘Lucky to be alive’. He suffered minor injuries.

Daniel Fraifeld, 50, who co-owns the Purple Turtle bar, said: ‘I think he [Simon] pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked.

‘He got looked over and didn’t have any lasting injuries – but he’s covered in scrapes and bruises.

‘He then got released from the hospital and I think he just went for a pint to relax.'”

Sweet Jesus. Cheers dude!