There is a lot in the clip embedded here that is worth discussing. But the focus will be on the fourth woman to introduce herself: Nadia Chan, Master of Law and a contradiction in terms self-proclaimed anti-colonialist Islamist.

Soon after British Public Broadcaster Channel 4 put this interview with ‘progressive’ Muslims online, Twitter started to delve into the background of Chan, and what they – quite easily – found, was rather unsettling. On Twitter, Chan was found to have made a plethora of anti-white, anti-semitic anti-Western and blatantly violent remarks (see below).

Following the upheaval, Channel 4 apparently decided it was best to just remove the item completely, thinking the internet would forget about it. The url on the Channel 4 website is no longer working, just as their Facebook and Twitter post. The Channel 4 item was presented by reporter Assed Baig, who was priorly reprimanded for calling Muslims “sell outs and Uncle Toms” for attending UK government iftars.

But the best source of information on Chan was one Twitter user, “uberfeminist,” who went to work on Chan in the following thread:

In a United Kingdom that is toughening up on ‘hate speech’, how is it possible that someone with these kinds of ideas is given access to a UK Public Service Broadcaster? It’s not like her views, and her qualification of, for example, the Irish as parasites, were hard to find. She even self-identifies as ‘Islamist‘ in the interview itself. Why was she invited? And more importantly, why isn’t she being charged with hate crimes?