A visit by a group of Israeli schoolchildren to the Dutch parliament invited by the SGP (Christian Conservatives) was the cause for a The Hague City Council member, Abdoe Khoulani of the Islamic Unity Party, to dish out some antisemitic slurs on Facebook:

“They are Zionist terrorists in the making and they are allowed to visit our parliament on an invitation of the SGP. These are the child-murderers and occupiers of the future.”

Khoulani has since removed the original post (screenshot), but has now nevertheless doubled down in a new post (screenshot) claiming that Israeli education indoctrinates Israeli children who will “indeed become child-murderers of the future (…).

And because Khoulani is a complete and utter idiot, he, of course, doesn’t realise that the ‘hateful Israeli education video’ he is showing to prove his point, is actually Israeli satire.

MP Kees van der Staaij, the leader of the SGP, was shocked that a politician would out such horrible comments:

“I find it to be bizarre, it is outrageous. This is a form of antisemitism which we need to combat. Jew hatred must never be normalised in the Netherlands, especially not among politicians.”

In a furious response, Khoulani said:

“Van der Staaij is an Islamophobic Christian Zionist!”

Khoulani is ‘known’ in The Hague for his support for ISIS: “Long live ISIS and in shaa Allah to Bagdad to capture the scum that lives there,” he once wrote on Facebook. He later apologised, calling it a slip of the tongue.