The highly celebrated former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, on June 13 held a passionate plea for his country to leave the EU. His speech comes after the European Commissionhas decided to launch infringement procedures against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for breaching their legal obligations and their commitments with regards to Greece, Italy and other Member States,” referring to the countries’ refusal to conform to EU refugee quotas.

This is wat Klaus had to say about that (translation below the video):

We fundamentally oppose the EU’s decision to start legal procedures against the Czech Republic because of our unwillingness to accept the migrant redistribution regulations dictated by Brussels. We oppose the attempt to punish us and force us into obedience.”

For those who still did not see, the European Commission has now clearly revealed what the position of the Czech Republic in the EU really is, as well as what the intentions of its leaders are.

In fact, this is not a banality. It is an unprecedented issue. We oppose the compulsory resettlement of foreigners in our state.

We oppose the changing of our country into the kind of multicultural society where we see unadapted communities, like in France and Great Britain. The daily terrorism that comes with mass-immigration is also worth mentioning. We refuse the argument that we somehow ‘have to do it’, in order to be part of the core of the EU.

Of course, we can participate in the decision-making process today, but the reality is that we do not make the decisions. Our presence in Brussels does not have any real meaning. Our voice is ignored. The decisions made are not ‘in accordance with our wishes’, but ‘about us’.

Do not let us be blackmailed by the threat of ending European subsidies. We do not need them, and in fact, we do not want them. We oppose our payments to Brussels, as well as the subsidies from Brussels. We oppose the malignant policies of the EU as a whole, and the way they are forced upon us.

There is thus but one possible and necessary result: now is the time to prepare our exit from the EU. It is the only way to save the nation we inherited from our ancestors. It is our duty to save it as the unique entity it is for future generations to come.”