Written by Anthony McCarten and directed by Joe Wright, the trailer for Darkest Hour, released yesterday promises a film everyone drawn to great pieces of oratory will want to succeed. Starring a Gary Oldman who certainly looks the part, the film follows Winston Churchill’s early days as Prime Minister.

Set in one of those pivotal moments in history, it is here that the British Empire decided that, despite the tremendous victories Nazi-Germany had obtained in a matter of weeks, it would fight on to the end. In France, on the seas and oceans. With growing confidence and growing strength in the air…

The film is scheduled to be released on 22 November in the United States and 29 December in the United Kingdom.

It all looks and sounds great, but we can’t help but to wonder why they’ve stepped up the infamous “We shall never surrender” speech to being spoken with a raised voice, instead of trying to imitate the strength of the vocal modesty of the original as best as they could.

Enjoy that one right here, with a nice tune to soothe the soul.