On 23 May, the Dutch version of Indymedia published a post by an anonymous author calling for “disturbing” a planned lecture by Dutch political party Forum voor Democratie (FvD) on Brexit. It gives stark insight into the thinking of certain left-wing activist groups. Of course, there is the outright claim that FvD is “fascist“. The ‘reasoning’ for this goes as follows:

Fascists try – as can be read in the history books – ‘to reach their goal by means of indoctrination through the press, radio, film, education and youth organisations; intimidation and terror; secret police; concentration camps; paramilitary organisations and biased courts.’

Because FvD organises meetings, the author claims that “we must not passively wait and see how this develops. Fascism must be smothered before it has the chance to blossom.

The author continues that there is no excuse for the venue – De Rode Hoed – to rent out space to the “fascist FvD”, in view of “many concerned emails and telephone calls.” The post then turns to threats:

Everybody that chooses to give this group a stage – whether for ideological, indifferent [sic] or commercial reason – contributes to the spread and normalisation of fascism and thereby makes himself a target.

The post closes by announcing “appropriate action” while inviting “autonomous action.” The last words are “FCK FVD“.

On 25 May, local Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 reported on the photos above. De Rode Hoed has been vandalised. Windows were broken, and “no fascism” and “fuck FvD” are sprayed on the doors. Police are investigating the acts of vandalism, while a spokesperson for De Rode Hoed says there is only material damage, because nobody was inside at the time. According to AT5 she finds the vandalism very annoying:

Not just the damage, but we want to facilitate the conversation, so there can be a debate. You want the conversation to be between people, not through vandalism and destruction. We have our own programming, and we rent out space to third parties. So this is not our own program. Not that we want to distance ourselves from it, it’s just a fact. We pay for our cultural programmes by renting out space.

It would seem that the call for violence on Indymedia was answered. The author will undoubtedly deny involvement. But these are fascist tactics. Scaremongering. Threats. Intimidation. And if all else fails: violence.

Is it not a curious thing for fear of fascism to turn into a fascism?