We know the trailer had been out for a while, but the film premiered this week and that’s worth sharing in and of itself. Free Solo is produced by National Geographic, starring free climber Alex Honnold. Now, if you don’t know who that is, watch the trailer before you read any further, because Alex is pretty much the Leonardo DaVinci of rock climbing, without any ropes or safety gear, that is.

Alex was born in Sacramento, California in 1985. According to his mother, he’s been climbing ever since he was a baby. They could hardly keep him in his crib or playpen, he’d climb out of everything. His mom stated that he always was extremely controlled, knowing exactly what he’s doing, and understanding fully what he’s capable of. Now, 25 years later, and his Wikipedia page is stuffed with climbing achievements truly beyond comprehension. And by the look of the trailer, he’s not quitting any time soon. Make sure to check out the 360° below too if you feel like dying a millions deaths.

In the documentary, he climbs Yosemite’s 3,000-foot El Capitan wall, and is the first free solo climber to do so. The wall is known as one of the world’s ultimate challenges for climbers. Five people have died in climbing accidents on El Capitan since 2013 alone. In all, 31 of the 120 climbers who have died in Yosemite since 1905 have died on the famous granite monolith. And those guys all had safety ropes.

In 2015, he was asked whether he was actually insane or not, and his response was that:

‘There’s something wrong with societies view of risk, especially concerning health care. Half the people that are condemning risk-taking behaviour are themselves taking crazy risks in terms of lifestyle and health, and it annoys me that people leading that kind of lifestyle would point fingers at people who go out adventuring in nature.’

What to make of a guy like Alex? We just don’t know, but he sure sticks with you man. Interested in probably dying? Fill out your application form right here!