Two 18-year-old Syrian men have been convicted to four years in prison for the rape of a 22-year-old woman from the Danish city of Aalborg this winter. Following their detention, the Arab duo will be expelled from Denmark for good, the court today decided.

The gang rape took place on the night of January 22 on the outskirts of Hobro, a city located in the north of the Scandinavian country. Apparently, the woman was visiting a tavern at Ambu Square when the two migrants approached her and subsequently lured her outside. They then suddenly pounced on the victim, dragging her to the ground and ripping off her pants. When the woman started screaming, the men grabbed her throat and closed her mouth with their hands, TV Nord reports. The Syrians then took turns in raping her. Prosecutor Peter Rask commented:

“Four years, it seems like a severe penalty, since assault rape cases usually lead to verdicts of, at most, three years prison time. The verdict, however, is justified, since you appeared to have had a detailed plan in advance to lure the victim.”

In court, the Arabs denied rape, claiming instead that the woman “volunteered” and wasn’t forced by them.

Since there was particularly good CCTV footage at the location that supported the victim’s testimony, it was not difficult for the judges to arrive at their verdict. Both attackers have appealed the sentences.

Ambu Square, among other things, provides the setting for the annual Ambu Fest, or Ambulance days, which are festivities that have been held in Hobro since 1920.