Ankara police have arrested a security guard from the Dutch embassy for sexually attacking a 15-year-old girl from Germany.  The victim, who’s father is a German diplomat, was harassed by the Turk in Gaziosmanpaşa district of the Turkish capital.

On the morning of June 15, while the teenager was waiting at a bus stop for the school bus to arrive, a guard by the name of Onur Ö. snuck up on her and started a conversation. The girl, who is named ‘K’ in order to protect her identity, felt intimidated by the man’s words and left for another place to await the bus’s arrival, Turkish daily Hürriyet reports.

The girl’s departure, unfortunately, didn’t discourage Ö., who followed the 15-year-old and suddenly started groping her from behind. She later told local media:

“As I was waiting for the school bus, the individual at the bus stop told me something. I told him that I did not understand. Then upon the arrival of the school service, he approached me from behind and touched me. Then he ran away.”

The victim was subsequently picked up by the school bus and told the driver what had just happened. After hearing about the girl’s ordeal, the bus driver made a u-turn in order to track down the perpetrator but was unable to find him.

Ö. was eventually identified by police through studying CCTV-footage and subsequently detained in his own residence. The man is held on suspicion of “sexually assaulting a child”.