In two days, German Police have had two reported instances of honour-related violence, costing one life and seriously endangering another. What stands out is that both cases have been recorded on video and posted to social media or shared through messaging apps by the attackers themselves.

The first case (video above) was originally reported by the Police and Public Prosecutor on 1 March. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, two men stabbed a 17-year-old girl in the town of Laupheim, before fleeing. They were quickly apprehended.

One of the perpetrators is a 34-year-old Syrian man, described by the police as living in “non-civil union” with the victim for the past three years. According to one report in a local newspaper Schwäbische, they were married according to Islamic law. Another article by claims the girl has a Palestinian background and came to Germany from Libya several years ago. Her first son was born in April 2017 and she was pregnant for the second time. The article further claims that she had fallen in love with a 26-year-old refugee, who lives in the nearby town of Biberach.

This supposed ‘adultery’ is said to have caused her ‘husband’ and brother, 20-year-old Abd Alrahman W., decide to redress the situation by an ‘honour killing’. As reported by BILD, Abd Alrahman stuck a knife in his sister’s chest and lacerated the corners of her mouth. BILD originally published a clip of the murder, recorded by the girl’s family, but has since pulled it from its website. Afterwards, both men fled, but could be apprehended on Wednesday at the Schweinfurt train station. Both are in custody, on a charge of attempted murder.

Picture published by BILD

For Abd Alrahman this situation is nothing new. His new incarceration follows hard on the heels of his previous stint in lock-up: he was only released the Monday before the attack. Suspected of having Islamist inclinations, he had been charged with aiding and abetting in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark, and of making false statements while not under oath. The Court found the evidence lacking, however, and suspended his detention, allowing him to spend the time until his trial on 12 March with his parents in Laupheim.

His sister [and presumably her unborn child, sources only say she has gotten pregnant a second time, not that she gave birth] are currently no longer in life-threatening danger.

One day later, a 37-year-old Syrian mother did not survive a similar attack (video above). The police notification is terse:

On Friday afternoon a 41-year-old Syrian man killed his 37-year-old wife in a house in Mühlacker and afterwards fled on foot with one of their sons. The under-age daughter, who lived in the house notified the police around 16:30. A large contingent of police searched for the fugitive and was able to apprehend him a short while later in Mühlacker.

Whether or not the daughter was present when her mother was killed, is something the police are still investigating. A spokeswoman for the police said, in an interview with local newspaper Pforzheimer Zeitung that the children are taken care of by social workers. No further information was provided at the time by the police. The father, however, had uploaded a video of himself and his son to Facebook, ‘explaining’ the situation. A translation is provided by Pforzheimer Zeitung. What follows is a selection:

Hallo, I am A. M. (complete name witheld). I just went to my wife to speak to her and clear up all problems, to improve our relationship. But she’s thrown me out, after which I stabbed her with a knife. I don’t know if she is alive or dead.

I am not a criminal, but when someone bars you from living your life, you have to stop them. That is a message to all women, who do that to their men. I always told her, give me just one child. Just one child out of the children. But she refused.

I stabbed her, and as you can see, I have injured myself. Let me live with my child, but she always refused. I sold the house, have lost everything so we could live in peace. And she did this. That’s not my fault, but hers.

This is all your idea, A, yours and M.’s. She always told me that I’m not a man, because I let my wife [do as she does] and that I should kill her. That slut. It’s all their idea. You have ruined my life. I knew it. I knew it. When we were in Greece, she told me, that she would marry someone else and travel with him, she made me crazy.