On 20 June around 3:45 on the morning the driver of a truck registered in Poland was killed in an accident on the A16 motorway, near Guemps in the region of Pas-de-Calais, France. According to local police:

A tree-trunk roadblock was installed by migrants between exits 49 and 50. The truck struck one of the three heavy lorries blocked by the roadblock and caught fire.

The death marks an escalation of the problems surrounding the site of the former migrant camps near Calais, the so-called ‘Jungle’. Nine Eritrean migrants were arrested at the roadblock, while the A16 motorway was closed off. Roadblocks made by tree trunks, placed particularly at night, are used by migrants to slow down trucks so they can sneak aboard and make for England. They were an almost daily occurrence before the ‘Jungle’ was bulldozed in October 2016. After a lull, they have been back since May and have now claimed a life. Between 400 and 600 migrants still reside in the surroundings of Calais, preying on trucks.