German police report that a 33-year-old woman was sexually assaulted around 23:45 in the night of Sunday to Monday. The victim was on her way home from a music event in the Gaimersheim district of Ingolstadt, when she was approached by a man she had not met before. He addressed her and soon after threw her on a patch of grass. There he raped her, despite the fact she resisted. The police say the woman was able to free herself and get home. From there she contacted the police. The quickly organised search was not successful. The Ingolstadt Criminal Investigation Department has taken over the investigations and is searching for a suspect that according to police matches the following description:

Male, dark-skinned, black African type, 20 to 30 years old, circa 1,70 meter tall, dark, frizzy, short hair. Might have worn red-black clothes.

Meanwhile, Süleyman D.’s dual university rape case enters court

Yesterday was also the day the trial against Süleyman D. (25) started. He is being prosecuted for two counts of rape in four days. The first rape took place on 27 January around 16:00 on the women’s bathroom on the second floor of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich, Germany. According to the indictment, Süleyman was hiding in a stall until a 25-year-old student entered another stall. He then stormed in, choked her and proceeded to rape her. During the rape, he pressed the woman on a trash can in the stall with such force, that he broke her arm, right where it had just healed from a previous fracture.

The victim fought her rapist, even biting him in the hand. Despite bleeding, Süleyman wouldn’t let go, but tried to force her into oral sex. The student engaged him in conversation, during which he claimed his name was Max and he studied math. Only when she painfully showed him her broken arm, he fled.

Three days later, Süleyman hid in the same bathrooms. Around 15:30 a 20-year-old student came in, but when he stormed her, she had the presence of mind to close the door on him and scream. Süleyman D. fled, only to return to the bathroom around 17:50. This time, the police were waiting for him. Claiming again that his name was Max he was arrested, but not before wounded a police officer by hitting him with his fist.