In June 2017, The Old Continent published an article on the attempted rape of a woman then only know under the pseudonym of Esmée. After the ordeal, she was forced to do her own investigating to track her assailant, because the police were unable or unwilling. At the time, she was especially incensed by the fact that her assailant, Mohammed Kamaal M for Somalia, was given a residence permit two months after assaulting her.

Mohammed was arrested, however, and his new residence status didn’t protect him from deportation. Even the State Secretary of the Justice Department Klaas Dijkhoff got involved in the case. After Mohammed was convicted, and the prosecutor, as well as the defense, decided not to appeal, he tweeted:

Serious crimes have consequences for the asylum permit. Now we start the procedure to revoke it, and start the procedure for eviction.

But it wouldn’t be an absolute screw-up of a case, if all of this went smoothly. So it didn’t. Mohammed was convicted to an 18-month sentence, six on probation sic, after which he was to be deported. This should have happened in February 2018. But as Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported on 27 April, Mohammed was still in the Netherlands, leaving his victim – whose name, Sylvia Veld (29) is now mentioned in full – in fear of her life. But, as De Telegraaf concludes:

Mohammed is still in the Netherlands. Even though in a letter by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the possession of this newspaper, the victim is told that the intention is to deport M. from [sic] 22 February.

The Ministry of Justice, in answer to queries by De Telegraaf, said that it can take a while before foreigners can be returned to their country of origin. Because they have to be provided with new documentation, or because there are legal ways to prevent deportation. But MPs do not understand that Mohammed’s time in jail was not utilised to prepare. Member of Parliament for the Social-Democrats Attje Kuiken accurately pointed out the particular problem with this case:

Sylvia had to move heaven and earth to get this man behind bars. After that horrible experience, you have to be able to rely on [the authorities] to do everything possible to prevent this man being allowed to stay in the Netherlands.

Sylvia Veld (29), the woman previously known as Esmée, recently published a book on her ordeal. She was afraid that Mohammed would be released. Sources said he was in custody, but as Sylvia said:

I’m not a fool. They can’t keep him forever. I know from police interviews and his attitude in court that he is mad at me. What if they send Mohammed away with a trainticket and he decides to stick around. I find that a frightening thought.

In the latest article in De Telegraaf, Sylvia reveals that even after Mohammed was finally deported a week ago, he is still threatening her.

Death threats from Mogadishu

De Telegraaf reports that there have been at least two threats. The first was at the beginning of May, following closely after the publication of the article about the process of deportation. Mohammed is to have said that Sylvia should be killed while in custody. A report was made to the police, who then informed Sylvia. A second threat followed this week. A Somalian man in Mogadishu messaged her on Facebook:

You will die cancerous whore. Dirty woman.

The police are investigating if Mohammed is involved in this threat. He might have sent the message himself.

Sylvia is taking the possibility into account that her assailant has friends in Hoorn, whom he might have incited to threaten her. She is terrified.

I am happy and frightened at the same time. Happy and relieved that he is out of the country. Finally. Frightened, because right after he landed there, I received a direct dead threat from Somalia. It is very, very intimidating. I know it’s him. (…) He feels he is the victim. He is far away, but his friends are still here. He has threatened me before. He should be convicted for that too.

Mohammed has been given a European travel ban for ten years. Sylvia thinks that should have been for life.

This man has shown his true face. He has no regrets, he has staged a play in court. I hope the rule of law can protect me against this criminal: this is not a refugee, but the biggest anti-social asylum seeker of all times.