De Telegraaf reports that Dutch jihadist Marouane Boulahyani has recorded a rap song in Syria, threatening to come to the Netherlands in secret to cut peoples’ head off. It is the first time a Dutch jihadist is this concrete in making a threat. Marouane is one of ten so-called ‘polder’-jihadists the Public Prosecutor (OM) wants to take to trial in absentia. Of those ten, the rapper from Arnhem is the only one the OM charges with decapitating someone, besides membership of a terrorist organisation.

In an interview with De Telegraaf, Marouane said “he couldn’t slaughter a chicken,” in the rap song however, he sings:

F*ck with me, I will slaughter your head off (sic). I will be unexpected as a f*cking burglary. We will drop in, it is a fast burglary. You don’t see me, like a ghost in the dark.

The court case against Marouane Boulahyani has been delayed, because he has announced to be coming back to The Netherlands. On his Facebook page, however, he writes that he is staying in Syria:

Sorry, mama, the mothers in Syria need me.

The jihadist calls the rap “a joke” in a letter to De Telegraaf, further writing:

Soon I will participate in a great offensive. My commander has given me permission to go on leave for an indeterminate period afterwards to go to The Netherlands, so I can see my family and attend my trial. There is a good chance I will die a martyr.

Marouane left for the Caliphate in 2014. There is a picture of him posing with a Kalashnikov in front of a crucified corpse. He is said to have told two friends in Arnhem he executed people himself. According to the jihadist, those stories are lies.

Terrorism-researcher Bart Schuurman, of the University of Leiden, commented on the case. He said that:

If you want to underscore the fact that you’re not a threat, it doesn’t help if you make a song about decapitations. But something you see more with extremists, is a tendency to crave fame that interferes with self-interests. Lone wolves are also caught because they can’t help talk but talk too much.