The tweet above reads: “Yeah, we have to remove them. In the past, they were wrecked. The wreaths were played soccer with.”

The fourth of May is Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. At 20.00 the country stops completely, people drop whatever they are doing and remain silent for two minutes, in remembrance of all those who fell in the service of the Kingdom. Especially for the victims, military and civilian, of World War II. It is a moment of solemn silence.

Or it should be, if only a certain segment of present Dutch bi-cultural society, wouldn’t deem it necessary to interrupt the moment by shouting, honking their car horn, or even tearing apart the wreaths placed at monuments. What did they shout? “Jews, we have to kill them!”

The response of the Amsterdam municipality, home of one of the more important ceremonies, which is attended by King and Queen and televised every year? Capitulation. This year, three hours after they were placed, a public service member removed the wreaths for the night.

” ‘We have to remove the wreaths, because they have been used to play football with in the past,’ according to the man who came to remove them in a rented van. ‘Sacrilege!’ a bystander calls it.”

Appeasement and accommodation come at a price.