To celebrate the EU’s 60th birthday, it decided to host a cartoon exhibition in which “Italian, French and Greek Cartoonists adapted the European reality to political cartoons with humour.” If somehow you were still under the assumption that the EU is not an institute capable of sucking the last bit of joy and life out of things, that last sentence must have done the trick.

But to make matters worse, the European Parliament’s @Catherine Bearder, and ALDE member “responsible for artistic and cultural events sponsored by Members“, has now informed the organisation that no less than 12 out of 28 cartoon submissions will be banned from the exhibition.

According to MEP Stellios Kouloglou, the two reasons cited for this blatant act of censorship are that some of the cartoons are deemed to be:

“of an inflammatory nature or contradictory to the values on which the Union was founded ore likely to give rise to disturbances (…).” In addition, Mrs Bearder has presented the upcoming German elections as another argument for removing 12 political cartoons.”

The banned cartoons can be viewed below.