The European Parliament on 9 April tweeted about the subjects it will discuss this week: it will address “asylum shopping,” the name the EU uses for the practice of

refugees picking their preferred countries where to request asylum.

One must assume they use the word ‘refugee’ without irony in this context, which would imply an awareness of how incredibly disingenuous the idea of refugees ‘shopping’ for asylum sounds. When clicking on the link for more information, one of the points mentioned is the idea that

all EU countries must take their fair share of asylum seekers,

an idea that is as grotesque as it is flawed. Discussing migration merges seamlessly into discussion of what is called “the situation in Hungary“. Hungary and the EU have been at loggerheads over immigration before, and the possibility of an Article 7 procedure has been on the table for some time.

Last, but not least, there is an interesting case of “phrasing!” going on. Based on initiatives (PDF) dating back to 1994, the EU has engaged in “regular meetings” between EU institutions and “European churches, religious associations and non-confessional organisations.” However,

this time the inter-religious dialogue will focus on the issue of discrimination and  around the world.

As the French would say:

Nous traiterons sur vous, chez vous, sans vous.