40-year-old Farid Ikken, the terrorist who attacked police officers with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday, had lived in Sweden working as a journalist and received the “EU Commission’s National Journalist Prize Against Discrimination” award in 2009 for a report in which he discussed alleged racism towards migrants. The article “For me she was always Kristina” won the prize in the category that highlights the connection between poverty and discrimination.

Ikken originated from Algeria and came to France in 2014. Before that, he had lived in Sweden for several years, where he obtained his Master’s degree and also worked for several Swedish media outlets in 2009 and 2010. Upon winning his prize Ikken stated: “it has been gratifying that attention has been paid to such important topics as discrimination and diversity.”

A couple of years later, Ikken turned out to be just another jihadist as he cried “this is for Syria,” before he brutally hit an officer over the head with the hammer before being shot, though not killed, by police. The man was found to have two kitchen knives and “other unsophisticated weapons” in his possession.