On the late evening of 10 May, a homeless man had laid himself down to sleep inside Gävle Central Station. He woke up with three Arab men standing over him, trying to steal the wallet from his pocket and taking his other possessions out of his bag. A short distance away stood an older man with another man, suffering from brain damage who was forced to walk with crutches after an accident in the past.

As the man with crutches was a witness to the attempted theft, the men chose to target them instead. They took him to an empty room in the station, held him down and punched and kicked him mercilessly.

During questioning, the victim – whose memory is effected by his injury – said that:

They beat me all over my body. I got beaten in the face, which I can take, but the worse was when I got kicked in the back of the right thigh when I was about to leave. I also got an uppercut under the chin from one of them.

The man on crutches also stated that one of the men was especially aggressive and ranted about “Svensson, racism, the war against Muslims, and so on,” while the beating took place.

It was especially the larger of the Arabs who said that. They shouted a lot about it being ‘the Swedes’ fault’. What it was, exactly, that was the Swedes’ fault, I do not remember.

What the victim does remember, is hearing one of his attackers shout, in English:

I am a Muslim, fuck Swedes!

A 17-year-old boy, who witnessed the attack, confirmed that the Muslims said things like “fucking Swedes” and that they claimed all Swedes are racist. After the attack on the handicapped man, the Arabs went after the boy, harassing him and humiliating him, meanwhile trying to steal his mobile phone, wallet, and watch.

On 21 June, the three have heard sentence being passed on them. The first, a 38-year-old citizen of Algeria was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year and for months, for assault and attempted aggravated theft. The second, a 32-year-old Moroccan faces 8 months in prison for the same offences, while also being convicted of fraud. On another occasion, he took out a total of 13.500 SEK (almost €1383) from an ATM with a stolen bank card. The Third, a 45-year-old French citizen, was sentenced to six months in prison for assault, but acquitted of attempted aggravated theft.

Only the 32-year-old Moroccan faces expulsion. Rejected after applying for asylum in Sweden in 2010, he was granted permanent residence in 2015 after registering himself as married to a Swedish woman. The prosecutor also wanted to deport the 45-year-old, but the court decided he is allowed to stay in Sweden as there “are insufficient grounds for expulsion.