The car has more power than a Ferrari 458 Italia and more torque than a 675 McLaren. So what is it? A Lamborghini? Nope, it’s a Ford. But not just any Ford, it’s the spiritual successor to the legendary Le Mans–winning GT40 (see pic below), the brand-new 2017 Ford GT. It has a 3.5L twin-turbo engine, has 647 break horse power, will do 345 km/h, costs approximately $500.000 and it is, therefore, safe to say the thing is a beast.

Watch the guys at Ignition rip the road to shreds and conclude that the Americans actually made a car that isn’t just a hot-rod in a straight line, but handles so good, that it can easily compete with the Italians and the Germans. And when you watch, turn up the volume, because the GT sounds like the Americans borrowed the sound of a space shuttle launch. Enjoy!