A stele in Lyon in memory of the ‘children of Izieu’ has been desecrated. The damage was first noticed on Monday. The stele commemorates the 44 Jewish children and their seven supervisors, which were rounded up from a care home in Izieu in 1944. Only one of the children, and one the supervisors managed to survive, the others were killed. The man responsible for ordering the Razzia was Klaus Barbie, ‘the butcher of Lyon‘, who was eventually extradited to France in 1983, where he was convicted to life imprisonment. He died in 1991, four years into his prison sentence.

According to Jean Lévy, regional president of the Association of Jewish Deported Girls and Sons of France (FFDJF):

The stele was desecrated, broken and torn … This is all the more serious since we have just celebrated the thirty years of the trial of Klaus Barbie.

President Emmanuel Macron offered the families of the victims his “sincere solicitude” after saying that:

to violate the memory of the deportation is an unworthy and cowardly act which will not go unpunished.

Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb, former Mayor of Lyon, published a statement in which he indignantly condemned the vandalism:

This cowardly and odious act strikes at the memory of the victims and constitutes an affrond to the values of the Republic.