Congrats Frenchies, you’re men now! For the first time in recorded French history, they’ve decided to finally show where the fun is at.

“French publisher of educational textbooks, Magnard Editions have made headlines by including a diagram of the clitoris in the 2017 edition of their biology textbook.

The move has been hailed as a “big first” by a network of teachers (STV Egalité) who have set about fighting stereotypes in teaching. They are delighted that “at last” the clitoris will be faithfully represented in diagram in a science textbook for school pupils.

Until now, the female organ — the only organ whose sole function is pleasure — has received blanket omission from secondary school science textbooks in France, according to France TV Info. 

But the march of the clitoris can’t claim an unconditional victory yet.

“But STV Egalité are disappointed that in spite of Magnard’s bold move, other publishers of biology textbooks, including Belin, Bordas and Hachette have not followed suit.

Unfortunately, we can’t say things are moving quickly because out of all the new textbooks, only one out of eight have updated their diagrams.

All of the others have recycled their old false diagrams: without the clitoris, or have mentioned it without showing it, or reduced its size to a few millimetres (whereas its average size is 10cm).”