On 15 February, a woman was having dinner in her house with two friends, when they decided to have a drink in the middle of the Swedish town of Eskilstuna. Meeting up with some other friends, the company decided to move the party to the woman’s apartment. During the festivities, several uninvited people showed up. One of them a 23-year-old citizen of Eritrea.

During this afterparty, one of the women present called a friend, asking him to come by the apartment to act as a makeshift peacekeeper. When he arrived, the resident wanted everybody to leave, so she could be left alone and sleep. She took sleeping pills, while the man made sure everyone left. When he thought everybody had left, the doorbell to the apartment rang. At the door was a man, asking for the man from Eritrea. He was told everyone had already left. The man at the door then noticed the Eritrean’s shoes and cellphone, which he took before he left.

The friend of the residence’s tenant, who had believed the woman and himself to be the only ones left in the residence, searched the apartment again and found, to his great surprise, the Eritrean hidden behind the fridge. Refridgerator-man was pretending to be asleep. He then had to borrow the man’s phone to call the man who took his shoes and mobile. Failing to do so, he borrowed a pair of the woman’s slippers and both men left the apartment to go their separate ways.

The alleged sexual assault

During later questioning, the woman said that one of them men tried the apartment doors to make sure they were locked, but that in one of them, the lock didn’t work. She doesn’t remember anything more before falling asleep. He next memory is of waking up in the morning, with someone lying next to her and forcing intercourse on her.

It is deemed likely that the man later returned and re-entered the home through the door of which he knew it couldn’t be locked.

She clearly remembers being completely dressed as she laid down, but her skirt, pantyhose and drawers were pulled down to her knees when she woke up. She saw a dark hand at her waist. The 23-year-old had penetrated her, but after a few seconds she managed to push him off and escape. According to the verdict he remarked:

Shit, why are you so stressed?

She asked him to leave immediately, because her son and mother would come round. Refrigerator-man was “surprised” and then asked to borrow the woman’s mobile phone before leaving the apartment.

The woman immediately texted a friend to tell them what just happened. When they came round, the Eritrean called to return the borrowed slippers. The next day a police report was made on the rape and the police came round to secure evidence. The woman hadn’t showered, while her sheets and the woman’s panties turned out to contain sperm traces from the rapist, which expedited matters.

“Disregarding the find of his sperm in the woman’s underwear, refrigerator-man denied any sexual intercourse between himself and the woman.”

At the end of April, the Eskilstuna district court came to a verdict, sentencing refrigerator-man to two years in prison and damages of 100.000 SEK. The verdict contains no information about the prosecutor demanding the rapist’s expulsion from Sweden. Fria Tider has since received documents, dating from 10 May, showing that the Eritrean has appealed the verdict at a higher court.