Hungry? Good. Because “Der Spiegel” just served some food for thought. In their documentary “Fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea: embedded with Libyan Security Forces” the assertion is made that NGO’s deepen the existing refugee crisis.

And just for some context: in the first half of 2017 alone, Italy received over 85.000 migrants, compared to 71.000 for the whole of 2016.

Following the Libyan Coast Guard in its fight against human trafficking, one scene has a vessel of the Coast Guard almost colliding with a ship from the German NGO Sea Watch, just outside of Libyan territorial waters, when both ships respond to an emergency broadcast. The vessel sending the emergency call is not actually adrift or sinking – it’s just ‘calling a taxi’, as the Libyan Coast Guard captain puts it.

It is yet another indication that Italian Public Prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro, currently investigating the possibility of direct contact between human traffickers in Libya and NGOs, might indeed be on to something.

So while the EU is funding the one High-Sea Ship the Libyan Coast Guard has, and training its personnel to stop human trafficking, NGO’s are stimulating migration and endangering migrants in the name of human rights.