In Mühlhausen, a city in Central Germany, three men from Eritrea have been charged with violently gang-raping a 28-year-old woman in that same city some 9 months ago.

The victim, who is a Hungarian national named Laura G., was attacked on her way home on the night of August 27, Bild reports. Near an underpass, 23-year-old Isaac N. suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the woman’s arm, stating:

“We’re going to have sex now.”

When Laura refused, N. beat her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Next, the man pulled the woman’s trousers down, but she nevertheless managed to make a run for it. The victim was then intercepted by 29-year-old Medhanie A. and Dawit T., 22, who are both Eritrean nationals.

The men subsequently dragged the by now defenceless Laura under the viaduct where all three of them took turns in raping her. During her ordeal, Laura’s mouth was kept shut by the attackers “in order to prevent her from screaming,” the prosecutor yesterday stated in court. He described the gang rape as “brutal.”

Just one day after the assault, German police managed to capture all three suspects. DNA traces of two of them could earlier be procured during the investigation of the victim.

‘We are innocent’

Isaac N. and Medhanie A. are still detained, but, in spite of the evidence, both deny their involvement in the attack. Dawit T., the third accused, is still a free man. He announced that he will “join the trial on June 19.”