The Old Continent reported earlier on the 27 August on the gang-rape of the then 28-year-old Laura G. After nearly a year, on Monday 31 July, the judge convicted the two 23-year-old Eritreans, Dawid T. and Issak N. to four and five years in prison, respectively. The third suspect was declared ‘not guilty’ due to lack of evidence.

According to the verdict, the duo was responsible for the sexual assault on 28-year-old Hungarian Laura G. in the German city of Mühlhausen. One of the defendants had held the arms of the victim, while the others raped her. During the trial, all three denied the act. According to one of the defendants:

Because of the carnival, I was heavily under the influence of alcohol and slept with her once.

According to the Public Prosecutor, however, there were clear traces of DNA on the victim. Consequently, in his plea he opted for punishments of six years, and five years and nine months in jail.

One of the councils for the defence asked for a full acquittal, while the other asked for three years in prison. His defendant claimed that the intercourse had been voluntary, and offered the victim his apologies. Presiding Judge Gerd Funke, deemed

the testimony of the victim credible, and in line with the evidence found at the scene of the crime.

The Judges were convinced that the duo had, at the end of August 2016, cooperated against the victim. Against her will, she was taken by her upper arms near a viaduct near the Mühlhausen train station, while the other forced himself on her. Despite the lower sentences, the Public Prosecutor said on Monday 31 July, that the prosecution will not challenge the verdict.

However, on Monday 1 August, the local newspaper Thüringer Allgemeine reported that the defendants will. According to Judge Gitta Fehr-Alrado, both have asked the German Federal Court to revise their case.