Police in the German city Hamburg have publicised on 11 October a still image from a security camera, showing two as of yet unknown men, who have robbed a clothing-store on 5 October. Store security had seen them acting suspiciously, and removing security tags. A store-detective waited until they had left the store and then confronted them. After asking the men to open their bag, one of the suspects is said to have pulled a knife and to have stabbed the detective multiple times. After the stabbing, the suspect fled towards the Wandsbeker Marktstreet, while his accomplice fled in an unknown direction.

A witness to the confrontation in front of the store, informed the police. Five patrol cars were sent to the scene, arresting a man, who was released after security footage excluded him as a suspect.

Since 5 October, there has been an important development in the investigation. A special investigation unit has taken over the case, because the Public Prosecutor has decided to view the case as attempted murder. Investigative officers have evaluated available video materials and have decided on one picture as the best able to help with the investigation. On the orders of the Public Prosecutor, it has been made public.

The two suspects are described as follows:

“Suspect 1 (who attacked the detective with a knife) is a male, with a North-African appearance. He is around 25-year-old, 180-190 cms tall, athletic. In the picture he wears a light brown jacket, without a hood, jeans, light blue bag and a light-coloured baseballcap.

Suspect 2 is also a ± 25-years-old, North-African male between 180 and 190 cms tall. He has short, black hair and athletic build. He wore a dark brown jacket with a fur collar.”