Several newspapers in Germany yesterday reported on an attempted double rape case in the city of Hamburg, where two men had attacked two female cyclists. Somehow, both dailies Zeit and Weser Kurier ‘forgot’ to mention that the perpetrators appeared to be of ‘southern origin’, generally meaning coming from Muslim-dominated Northern Africa or the Middle East.

Weser Kurier describes the offenders as being “1.70 to 1.75 meters tall and slim with short dark hair,” and then something about their clothing, which “possibly is blood-stained” as a result of the assault. Zeit even manages to completely ignore the battered victims’ description of their assailants. Only Presseportal, a news agency that publishes official statements, gives a detailed account of the two men.

Violent rape attempt 

The attack happened Sunday morning in Wilhelmsburg district. As the women, aged 26 and 30, enjoyed a bicycle ride together, they were approached by the Southerners, who were travelling on foot. At first, the men let them pass, but then suddenly turned on their victims, attacking them from behind. This caused the cyclists to hit the ground. While lying there, they were physically abused and subsequently dragged to the bushes nearby, where the rape attempts took place.

Fortunately, a passerby had heard the women’s screams for help and came to their aid. The perpetrators then had let go of the women and fled by foot, leaving the victims with severe facial injuries. Both of them had to be treated in a hospital due to the attack.

A subsequent investigation with a police helicopter and five police units remained unsuccessful.