A court in Germany has sentenced an Algerian migrant, Abo J., to eleven years in prison for violently raping a 26-year-old female student in the city of Mannheim-Neckarstadt. Court chairman Bettina Krenz described the sex attack, that was committed in the summer of last year, as “brutal and inhumane.”

On the early morning of July 22, Abo J. had followed the woman to her home in the Käfertaler Street. He there threatened her, until she agreed to let the Northern African ‘take a selfie’ with her in it. According to Echo-Online and Mannheim24, the 26-year-old is then choked, beaten to the ground, and kicked in her head and body several times. The victim loses her consciousness when she is forced to oral sex, after which she is raped and abused.

Next, Abo drags the injured and traumatised woman to a bench on the riverbank of the Neckar. She is there hugged and kissed by the rapist for almost two hours until a passing-by jogger notices the woman’s terrible condition. He manages to chase away the attacker and subsequently alerts the emergency services.

During the attack, several bones of the victim were broken and ribs had been fractured. She had subsequently suffered neck injuries and wounds to her abdomen as well. In addition, the attacker had stolen the victim’s golden necklace.

Previous crimes

Police managed to arrest Abo J. about one week after the incident. Several interesting facts emerged during the investigation. Following his departure from Algeria in 2010, J. first moved to Greece and then to France. Two years ago, he applied for asylum in Germany under several aliases. The ‘refugee’, who is probably 27 or 28 years old, was soon after arrested for stealing from cars in the city of Chemnitz. Authorities nevertheless release him in advance of the trial, after which he committed the rape.

Woman has not fully recovered yet

Almost one year after the rape, the victim “still is in a bad condition,” her lawyer Sabrina Hausen says, “but she is relieved that the trial is over.” It is expected that her attacker will be deported from Germany, that is if Algeria acknowledges J. as one of its citizens and agrees to take him back.