The Saxony (Germany) police department reported this week that on August 31, 09:20, a female jogger “well over 50 years old” was heavily assaulted and raped in Rosental Park by a man the police describes as:

“A Southern looking type, 25 to 35-years-old. Height between 170 and 175 cm, with a sturdy/powerful build. He has dark hair and a short, dark, unkept beard.”

On her run through the Auenwald near the city zoo she saw a man walking in front of her, near a dog meadow. The police reports that:

“Coming up from behind, as she ran at a higher pace than he did, she quickly passed him. A little while after, however, she noticed that the man had come up from behind, grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. He then hit and kicked her in the face multiple times, dragged her into a meadow and raped her, without speaking a single word the whole time. Afterwards, he ran off in an unknown direction. Because of the violence he inflicted on her, the woman sustained injuries to her face to such a degree, that she had to undergo emergency surgery in a Leipzig clinic.”

The police have by now been heavily criticised for their response to the incident. A police spokeswoman stated that:

“When they run past someone, joggers should always look back to make sure they are not about to be attacked.”