A Star of David scratched in the door and the word ‘whore’ spraypainted on the wall. That is what the 52-year-old Fatiha Chams Eddine found when she went down to the storage in her apartment complex in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Poignant is, that she made the discovery on 5 May, Liberation Day. According to her son Jacob, his mother is very upset.

Especially so, since only the other people living in the apartment complex have access to the storage area. She felt so threatened, her son has been sleeping in her apartment to keep watch. “She is with friends now,” he says, “but I’ll be right back here when she gets home.”

She told me on Friday, that she had the impression that the paint used to spray the word ‘hoer’ [whore] on the wall was still wet. We think the Star of David was scratched in the door the same day. (…)It is very intimidating for my mother to be assaulted because of her Jewish heritage on Liberation Day.”

And when mother and son tried to report the crime to the police at a quarter past five they were told that “if we didn’t have an appointment, it was impossible to come in. We just had to come back on Monday, we were told over the intercom.”

The graffiti has since been removed by the housing corporation, although it took a second tenant to complain before it sprang into action. The Star of David remains.