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In 2004 two Dutch brothers running a company selling classic cars asked themselves the question ‘what would it be like to make our own car?’ Their answer: it would be cool. So they did. The result was, as they describe it, a

“Barchetta styled [car which] shows close resemblance to the Le Mans racers of the mid 50’s. Weighing in at 760 kg with 170 BHP it is great fun and challenging to drive. Mastering the machine is what it is all about.”

Called the Huet Brothers Special, it is a spectacular throwback to a time when men held open the doors to women, “the days when goods were mostly handmade and not mass-produced (…) When cars were cars, not merely a form of transportation.” A sentiment that could be described as old-fashioned, yes. But do you really want to argue with beauty?

It speaks volumes for the brothers’ attitude that they not only built their dream car, but tested it themselves. One brother – Tino – took it to the Nürburgring in Germany. Where, on a rainy day in August 2010, true to the plot of an adventure film, he crashes it. The car is sent flying, Tino is thrown out. He is unscathed, but the car is on fire. He rushes to put out the flames. Then he has to break the news to his brother Paul.

“Tino: ‘Dude, I crashed the car.’
Paul: ‘How bad?’
Tino: ‘Bad.’
Paul: ‘Are you OK?’
Tino: ‘I’m fine.’
Paul: ‘It’s OK, I was getting bored with the colour anyway.'”

That sort of spirit deserves celebrating, especially when they decide that building one-off specials isn’t enough for them. In 2012 they decide they want to build a more… commercial product. The absolute madmen. It is called the HB Coupe and it is stunningly beautiful.

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There is not a lot of room for the children, but the chances that you’ll be able to produce a few of those are vastly increased by driving a Huet.

In one word, it’s very, very, very sexy. Strictly speaking, those are four words. I want one in green.

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The only thing wrong with this car is that it isn’t for sale yet. The Huet-brothers are working on getting the funds to finance a prototype and getting regulatory clearance. They have also begun various Kickstarter projects in order to raise money.

All so they can build a lightweight (under 800 kg) sports car that can be serviced at every good garage, has over 200 BHP per kilo (or over 300 for the turbo engine) and just looks so good in green. Small scale projects like this, for the love of creation and a passion for something, are great. One can only hope they succeed in bringing this gem to the market. I for one, am eyeing my savings account.

More information can be found on the brothers’ website, or by going to Amsterdam and talking cars with them.