French security services are urging their European counterparts to keep a close eye on three Islamic State militants who have supposedly left the Middle East in order to carry out jihadist attacks on French soil. The men, two of whom Belgian citizens and the third an Afghan, may already have infiltrated the European mainland.

One of the two ‘Belgians’ is named as the 21-year-old Bilal Al Marchohi, who is also known as Abu Fadil Al Maghrebi. Marchohi radicalised during his time at Sharia4Belgium, an extremist Salafist organisation which wanted to turn Belgium into an Islamic state. A Belgian judge banned the organisation more than two years ago.

The second Belgian national on the wanted list is Tarik Jadaoun, a 30-year-old Muslim radical from the town of Verviers. Jadaoun carries the scary nickname ‘the new Abaoud’, a reference to the Brussels terrorist that is thought to have masterminded the November 2015 Paris attacks.

A third individual wanted by French police is named as Zabihullah Sarwari, a man who was born in Afghanistan. It is yet unclear how concrete the terrorists’ plans are, Gazet van Antwerpen reports.

‘Photos were to be kept secret’

According to the Belgian daily, France requested that photo’s of the suspects were not to be published in order to avoid alarming them about the manhunt. A leak of the police descriptions yesterday on Twitter has therefore infuriated French authorities.


Marchohi was already being monitored by Belgian security services when he travelled to Syria back in 2013. Before joining ISIS, he first fought in the ranks of Jabhat Al Nusra, the Syrian chapter of the Al Qaida terror organisation.

Jadaoun reportedly radicalised in a Somali mosque. He is known from a video clip in which ISIS claims the terror attacks in Zaventem and Maalbeek that occurred in March last year.