The pitch must have been easy; just mix 2000’s A Perfect Storm with 2000’s Cast Away, and add a charming couple where the girl discovers she has the genes of Mad Max’s Furiosa. And although we’re utterly bored with that “finally a strong female lead”- thing they’ve got going on in Hollywood, we do like seeing strong female leads of course, and Shailene Woodley here seems to be be rather badass in this upcoming movie called Adrift.

The movie premise, based on a true story, is simple; couple gets shipwrecked and has to survive the hard conditions of the open ocean. The boy is in shambles, so the girl has to take charge. Yeah, movies like these always us fear that, after the big wave, we’re left with an ocean of boring silence (remember In the Heart of the Sea?), but still, that wave freaked us out properly, and what’s happening after, looks like it has enough meat on the bones to keep us entertained. Out June 1st.

Almost as nightmarish as Open Water, which didn’t end well.