The European Parliament is “not serious,” and “you are ridiculous, very ridiculous” is what a raging Jean-Claude Juncker said over and over again at a plenary session this Tuesday. The President of the European Commission exploded when he discovered that merely 30 of its 750 members of parliament showed up for the session with the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat. The subject was the wrap up of the Malta EU-Presidency.

“If Merkel or Macron were here, we would’ve had a full house,” Juncker told the members angrily. “The parliament should respect smaller member states in an equal manner.” He then said about Muscat that: he made an excellent work,” and he closed by seemingly contradicting himself by stating “he will never again join such a meeting ever again.”

The European Parliament President Antonio Tajani then sneered at Juncker by saying: “you may express your criticism, but the European Commission does not control the Parliament, but the Parliament controls the European Commission.” After Juncker said “you are ridiculous,” Tajani asked Junker to adjust his tone and then sharply replied, “we are not ridiculous.”

We can merely say we somewhat agree with Jean-Claude. The EP is a class that’s very tempting to skip. All year long.