As Jurassic World demonstrated, audiences around the world were not finished with rampaging dinosaurs on the loose. But, where Spielberg’s original in 1993 was more of an exploration of the risks of human creation and the dangers of uncontrolled science, Jurassic World was a full-on monster movie with over-the-top acting and ridiculous plotlines. Entertaining yes, thoughtful no. Even so, it did make over a billion dollars, a new film is on the way and one can safely say the dinosaurs are officially back.

Simultaneously with launching a blockbuster, studios often make sure there are video games and loads of merchandise to sell to the fans. Most often those video games are bad or even horrible. But seeing the trailer of Jurassic World Evolution shows us this might just become an awesome game, it looks to be the Sims with dinosaurs where you create and run your own park.

Enjoy the trailer guys, and put the volume up, because even a hint of that classic theme by the late John Williams is one for the ages.