Ok lads, the trailer for the Jurassic World sequel just came out, and we can conclude two things; for one we are not in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park anymore, and second, it’s definitely a good thing that director Colin Trevorrow was booted off Star Wars episode 9.

The trailer demonstrates a movie that wants to be bigger in scope and spectacle at the cost of story and depth, which makes it a monster- or disaster movie. The contrast cannot be bigger compared to the original movie, and that difference is perfectly summarized when hearing Jeff Goldblum’s epic and thought-provoking life finds a way line; it now sounds like the scary movie spoof version of that line. Another example is again the use of those ridiculous bubble vehicles which sum up the type of thought that went into the movie. Yes it may look cool and futuristic in a trailer, but driving through a field filled with dinosaur poo, the bubble will run into some visibility issues during the day.

Is there anything positive left to say? Well, we must admit, we will always keep a soft spot for our beloved T-rex, and also, John Williams’s epic Jurassic Park theme still sounds absolutely amazing, even in the 2017 terror-version. So if you decide to watch the trailer, at least turn the sound way up!