The German far left-wing party Die Linke has proposed to remove all ‘erotic’ advertisement in the Berlin borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. On advertisement space, property of the borough, no “sexist or woman-unfriendly advertisements” should be displayed. That at least is the objective of a request the party submitted to the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf District Ordinance Committee (BVV).

The applicant, Niklas Schenker (23) went on record saying that:

Women’s bodies should no longer be presented as objects, good or products.

In their proposal, the party, parts of which are under investigation by the German secret services for being extremist (PDF), defined what is sexist. Describing women as ‘the fair sex’. A woman who is

barely dressed, or in a way that accentuates her body, and laughs without apparent reason, while the man is completely and comfortably dressed.

And of course, this is also true for “commercials for underwear, swimming gear, and sportswear.

Commercials with children should also be regimented, such as boys that wear blue and play with technical toys and girls that wear pink and play with dolls. Grounds for these demands? The class-struggle of course!

In capitalistic societies clichés about roles in life and gender stereotypes are marketed to serve increased profits.

While the SPD (social democrats) and Grüne (ecological socialists) support the proposal, CDU, FDP, and AfD rejected the motion. According to Stefan Evers, chairman of the Berlin CDU:

Prohibition politics is just such a hallmark of leftwing parties.