Just so you know, stuff like this is now officially transphobic and will soon be scrapped from the British campaign repertoire by the Ministry of Sanctioned Banter.

The LibDem’s own LGBTQ-chair, Jennie Rigg, complained how the press team is “making her life difficult”, and stated:

“Guys, this is bordering on transphobia, and it would make my job as chair of plus a lot easier of you didn’t do this sort of thing. I’m not missing the humour, I just don’t find humour that picks on people who already have a suicide attempt rate of 50% that funny.”

Well, maybe, if anything, this only emphasises the narcissist pathology that underpins not transgender people in general, but the aggressive gender identity politics which seems to insists that everything and everyone is out to hurt their feelings by refusing to use artificial pronouns and swapping faces on an election poster.

There’s more to life than looking for reasons to have your feelings hurt, guys.