The Dutchman Max Verstappen started in 2016 as the youngest Formula 1 driver in history. Born on September 30th, 1997, the 17-year old proved the world he was a rare talent with amazing takeover skills and sharp and feisty interview moments. Red Bull Racing quickly understood he was too good for the Toro Rosso team, and they bumped him up to their first team; Red Bull. In the Red Bull, he silenced most of his critics by winning the Grand Prix of Barcelona (Spain) as the youngest winner of a Grand Prix in history, and he silenced the world with his breath-taking moves during the 2016 race in Brazil. In the pouring rain, Max started at the 16th spot and moved his way all the way up to 3rd.

Max ended the season well, and fans and experts had the highest expectations for the 2017 season. And then it happened. Breaking problems with the car in Bahrein followed by a crash with Kimi Räikkönen in Barcelona. His car broke down again in Canada, as well as in Azerbaijan, and Alonso hit him out of the race in Austria, followed by the usual car problems in Belgium. In Singapore he qualified amazingly, demonstrating his capabilities as a driver. Unfortunately, he crashed within the first mile of the race, being squashed by both Ferraris.

But this weekend in Malaysia, things were different. Max qualified 3rd and due to engine problems with both Ferraris, he started at the 2nd spot. The start went smooth, followed by an amazing overtake of Lewis Hamilton who he left behind with a comfortable 10 seconds. What remained were 40 laps with fans around the world praying that his car would last and the pit stop would go smoothly. The race was yesterday, on October 1st, a day after Max 20th birthday. The 20-year old won his second Grand Prix in a flawless race, completely dominating his opponents. As fans we can only say; happy birthday Max, thanks for an amazing weekend!

You can check out the non-embeddable official Grand Prix highlights, right here.