After the failed election last month, UK Prime Minister May’s conservative party has been in disarray. Earlier this week, there were several ministers who leaked to the press that Finance Minister Philip Hammond is an obstruction in this government. And now, according to other conservative members of parliament, a letter of no confidence is in circulation to remove May from office. So far, it’s presumed to be signed by only a few people.

The problem is severe. Should May’s cabinet fall, chances are that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will rise to power.

A minister from May’s cabinet, who chose to remain anonymous, leaked information to British newspaper The Telegraph. The source stated that Philip Hammond (who voted Remain) is deliberately working to “frustrate” Brexit and treating pro-leave ministers like “pirates who have taken him prisoner”.

According to The Times, May is being urged by other cabinet ministers to remove these “donkeys” and “indulgent safe-seat kids”. But for how long before the Prime Minister herself will be ‘forced’ to go?

According to The Guardian, May is safe this summer, since Conservatives are longing for their summer recess after a wild political season. But after the summer, The Guardian states asserts, May is likely to face a coup attempt by some Tory MP’s, despite her attempt to regain authority over her cabinet by ordering them to stop leaking details of their infighting over Brexit.

If the Tories will try to replace May, they will do so internally with a ‘leadership election’. They will try everything they can to prevent a new general election. The Labour Party is popular in Britain, has momentum, and is even ahead in some polls.

This potential disaster might withhold conservatives to press for the vote of no confidence. Today May told the press: “There is a need to show strength and unity as a country and that starts around the cabinet table.” Let’s hope recess does them good, they let May’s words sink in, and act accordingly.