Red Coats, what y’all doing? According to an IPSOS poll, the Conservative party’s lead over Corbyn’s Labour has narrowed to five points, down from 15 points two weeks ago. This is a major setback for Prime Minister May, who held a 24-point lead before campaigns began. As reported by The Independent, Theresa May’s personal opinion poll ratings are also said to have fallen to their lowest yet, following a series of blows to the party’s campaign.

Besides other criticisms, she faced further backlash this week after she declined to take part in televised debates, sending Home Secretary Amber Rudd in her place. Gideon Skinner of Ipsos MORI said:

“Here’s more evidence of the Conservatives’ wobbly week, with Labour improving again and the last two weeks of campaigning seeing a big hit to the Prime Minister’s personal ratings (…) but remember this is just a snapshot of a period of time, not a prediction.”

Skinner continued by stating that: “May is still seen as the most capable Prime Minister, and the Tories still have the support of older people.” In the poll, May still held a clear lead of 50 percent when voters were asked who would be a more “capable” Prime Minister.

And one can only hope it stays that way, for this week Jeremy Corbyn was condemned by his own party after admitting he attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. People with that level of hatred and anti-Semitism in their veins, should not be leading the United Kingdom. They should not be leading anything as a matter of fact.