The Police in the German city of Munich reports that on Friday, 15 September around 20:19, several reports came in about a rape in progress in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, a municipality to the South of Munich.

A 16-year-old, German-Italian girl, residing in Munich, had joined a large group of people from a refugee shelter in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn. After a while, she went to a tram-station nearby, accompanied by three male members of the group. During her trip to the station, in the Haringstraße, she was assaulted. According to the investigation so far, two of the three men forced the minor into sexual intercourse.

One of those men is a 27-year-old Afghan, the other is a 17-year-old from the same country. Before the third man, an 18-year-old Afghan, had the chance to force himself on the girl, an eyewitness came past, which forced the three suspects to take flight.

Munich Police immediately organised a large-scale search, utilising a police helicopter, officers from Station 31 and 24 succeeded in arresting the fleeing suspects in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. They were taken into custody and before the Magistrate the next day. The victim suffered injuries, for which she was treated as an outpatient. After searching her for traces of abuse as required by law, she was given back into the care of her mother.

On Monday 19 September, local newspaper Merkur reported, in connection with the rape, that the 27-year-old suspect was already known to the police. On 7 September, police had arrested him for damaging property, putting him in a holding cell overnight for his aggressive behaviour. The newspaper further suggests that last Friday, the 27-year-old again drew the attention of local police for a serious altercation involving him coming to blows with his host, which he visited in his room on the second floor of a building a mere 150 metres from the scene of the rape.

The fight is part of a longer series of incidents, which the building’s proprietor, the non-profit Caritas, responsible for housing the migrants, says it has reported to authorities several times already. Caritas building manager Gabriele Stark-Angemeier:

We have reported the problems again and again to the Oberbayern government. When we had our quarterly meeting in July, we explicitly brought up the problems.

Caritas had asked for the man with whom the 27-year-old Afghan came to blows, to be removed, and given residence somewhere else. Nothing was done. Now, in response to the rape, the local government is calling for increased security measures. By removing the second-floor resident, it is hoped his palls don’t come over anymore. It seems too little, too late.