Despite tensions about Europeans’ lack of (financial) commitment to NATO, in the field cooperation continues. During a multinational training exercise in Romania, the US, UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Albania tested their reaction time, as well as their ability to mesh firepower and control between themselves and the US. Starting in March of this year, Operation Noble Jump is described by its commander, Lieutenant-General Alain Parent as:

 “a key milestone (…) our first major exercise that will see significant forces and their equipment moving across Europe and will provide an opportunity for us to demonstrate that we are able to quickly deploy forces to wherever they are needed to prevent conflict.

According to HotNews Romania, this particular exercise featured:

1. Norwegian scouts and Spanish snipers stake out an enemy outpost
2. Romanian Special Ops storm the place
3. Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoons and Romanian Air Force (RoAF) F-16 establish air supremacy
4. RoAf MiG 21 LanceR bomb enemy lines and RoAF IAR 330 Puma helicopters attack enemy positions
5. The enemy counterattacks with artillery and enters the field (targets)
6. A Norwegian mobile radar battery is dispatched to acquire the enemy firing positions
7. Romanian and Polish armoured vehicles and anti-tank infantry enter the field
8. US AH-64 Apache attack helicopters are called in
9. Polish armoured infantry fighting vehicles and Romanian battle tanks chase the enemy while the Apache Helicopters provide cover fire
10. Romanian paratroopers drop in to secure the field