The Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reports that on 16 February 2017, a mentally handicapped man was lured into an institution for the care and accommodation of those in need, a so-called HVB-house (HVB-hem). These are used in Swedish municipalities for the care of children, adolescents, but also adults or families with children if they are in need of treatment or care, support, or education. They deal with substance abuse, but they also provide shelter for unaccompanied minors.

Two such ‘unaccompanied minors‘, 17-year-old Fawad and 18-year-old Hossein who came to Sweden in 2015 as Afghan refugees were housed in an HVB-house in Stenungsund. There they are reported to have used Facebook to lure a 20-year-old mentally handicapped man into the house. Fawad wrote him on messenger:

Where are you? We have to do something with you.

When he came to the HVB-house they raped him, filming the rape with an iPad.

The film shows the ‘refugee children’ instructing the man during intercourse and that he was sexually inexperienced. It is the judgment of the court, that there is no indication that the man wanted to engage in homosexual activities, that he was sexually aroused, or even that he knew what was going on. The mother of the rape victim was alerted to her son’s experience by his strange behaviour afterwards. She found injuries to his anus and reported this to the police. The rape victim told the police, that he had been told he would be injured or even killed if he told anyone what had happened.

Both Fawad and Hossein denied any crime during police questioning and alleged that they were not aware of the 20-year-old’s mental disability. The Uddevalla District Court, however, did not consider this credible. Staff at the HVB-house testified that they talked about their victim having a “developmental disorder” and in its judgment, the Court writes that the victim:

at this time was no doubt in a particularly vulnerable situation.

The District Prosecutor, Eva Oscarsson, demanded closed youth care for the younger of the rapists, and a prison term for the elder. She did not seek their deportation. The Court sentenced Fawad to youth care for rape, as well as assisting rape for bringing the man to Hossein’s room. He was also ordered to pay the victim damages of SEK100.000 (circa €10.500). Together with Hossein, he will pay a joint collateral of SEK125.000 (circa €13.200). Hossein himself is sentenced to seven months in prison for rape. The Court also announced that they will remain in detention until they have found a place where they can earn the money to pay their punishment.

Their victim and his family are also originally from Afghanistan, but the victim has lived in Iran for some time. They came to Sweden in 2014.